About Bee Power

Home of the original Bee Pollen & Honey Fusion

Here at Bee we specialise in supplying 100% Natural Australian Honey products to distributors around the globe.

BeePower was established in 2006 and started with just on product, our sought after ‘Bee Pollen and Honey Fusion’. Since then, BeePower has grown the product range to what you see today, providing top quality Australian and New Zealand honey products.

Our property and factory is situated in Mudgee, 261 Kilometers north-west of Sydney, long side the fertile Cudgegong River valley. Mudgee’s name meaning “Nest in the Hills’ is know for its clean and green farming of honey, wine & milk.

We also provide OEM (private label) branding for al of our honey products, and can supply consultation during your brand development process to aid in creating a complete branded product range that reflects your company’s values and mission.

We are equipped with a full in-house artwork department, product design and packaging design department to ensure you have a strong, professional foundation for your brand’s success.  We can supply access to our ever-growing network of distributors to assist in delivering your new product to the correct retail demographic and ensure maximum sales while building brand reputation.

We hope you enjoy our honey as much as we do!




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